"Nawbat Sahayan"

Arab Theatre Gathering

Reveil is an Arab theatre gathering, a wake-up call that seeks to promote awareness of social and political changes and their cultural repercussions. As we are limiting ourselves to the theatre and its prospects, our aim, by all means, is not to reduce its multiple facets into a single one. We seek to transcend the narrow limits of words. We aim to transcend the narrow limits of time and place. We find echoes of what is happening now here in Egypt, in Palestine, Jordan and Syria. We observe that what is happening in Tunisia has stirred Yemen and Iraq. We seek to awaken Damascus, Amman, Jerusalem, Beirut, Cairo and Sana’a. We seek to remove the long, stuck layers of dust, off our body. We seek to lead the way to broad prospects, to reach every Arab citizen, to hear our wake-up call, our Reveil.


























Reveil Report