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The Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe- Mediterranean) is a platform for contemporary theatre. At the same time, it is a practical phenomenon of the "anti-festival" concept, where formality is superseded by creativity. The Forum is also a meeting point for the independent theatre groups that work apart from official, governmental cultural institutions, working out a different artistic, creative and socio-political formula.


The year 2011 marked a huge turning point for the International Association for Creation and Training, revealed in the approach of the street where the Egyptian revolution was born with all its variables, and in the perception of the Arab regional situation, especially the countries of the Arab Spring and its neighboring countries, which no one knows in which way its wind will blow.

On the professional level, it was necessary to organize the happening of “Nawbet Sahayan” so as not to be drowned in the abyss of despair and frustration that we felt in the first time after the cancellation of “The Creative Forum” in late January 2011, and again upon the second cancellation in last November 2011 due to the turmoil that took place in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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Joy is a metaphoric term for human happiness and success in creating a real bond to reality, a contagious state that can be transferred and exchanged between people. We take it on our very own shoulders, the responsibility to do something.

We, the International Association for Creation and Training (I-act) have come to realize that the only way for the return of joy is an attempt to cultivate it in the environment and create the atmosphere for the people to practice it through arts, and hereby we create year after year our very own signature of happiness with the “The Joy Project” to restore joy to our society and streets.


Teatro Eskendria is a cultural hub located at the heart of downtown Alexandria and used as base office for the Joy Project. It encourages its visitors to celebrate art and culture whilst socializing and dining with fellow members of the community in an inspiring ambiance.

Owned and managed by a group of entrepreneurs and artists, who seek to offer an unconventional and inspiring atmosphere, Teatro Eskendria offers theatre and music performances, film screenings, networking events, training in the art field alongside children’s activities, a gallery displaying the latest in Egyptian handicrafts, a boutique bookshop and a cultural café and restaurant serving delicious Egyptian gourmet.

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