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Founder & Artistic Director

Aboudoma is an Egyptian playwright, theatre director, university teacher and cultural manager born in 1953 in Cairo, Egypt. Aboudoma has played an influential role in field of arts and culture especially towards establishing the independent movement in 1990’s. He founded the “Alternative Theatre Groups” in 1989 the first independent Theatre troupe in Alexandria, where he toured locally and internationally. Aboudoma was the arts consultant of the arts centre at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina from 2000-2011; he established the prorgammes unit at the centre and headed it for 5 years. In 2003 he founded the International Association for Creation and Training (I-act) and through it he launched with the Bibliotheca Alexandria the first international theatre event in Alexandria “The Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups (Europe-Mediterranean)”, which was organized over 7 editions from 2003 to 2010.


Co-Founder & Deputy Director

Awatef Ibrahim is an actress, acting coach and a teacher at the theatre department, faculty of arts, University of Alexandria. She co-founded the Alternative Theatre Group in collaboration with Dr Mahmoud Aboudoma and as an actress, she has played distinguished  roles in several performances and played that were presented locally, regionally and internationally. As the deputy director of the International Association for Creation and Training (I-act), she has given and co-organised various workshops in different Theatre specialties in cooperation with different international entities.  Over the past 30 years, she has contributed to the cultural scene in Alexandria and Egypt through managing and co organizing different Festivals and events including:  The Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups, Reveil “ Nawbat Sahayan” and the Backstreet festival “Joy Project”.


Programme Manager

Amina Abodoma (BA English Literature, MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship- Goldsmiths College- University of London) is an Egyptian creative entrepreneur and Art producer. She worked as a programme manager at the International Association for creation and Training (I-act), where she coordinated and organised 13 annual editions of multiple international theatre festivals in her hometown Alexandria. Since 2014, she works asthe artistic director of the
international “Backstreet festival” of Contemporary Circus and Street Arts led by I-act. She has been the producer of the Alternative Theatre Group (ATG), the first independent theatre group in the city of Alexandria established in 1988.



Admin Assistant

Khaled is an actor in the Alternative Theater Group (ATG), he has been working with them for over 30 years now, and he also worked as administrative assistant in Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups (Europe – Mediterranean) as well as participated in many theater productions in Egypt and Europe.

Team: Meet the Team


Nada Ramadan.jpg


A pianist, a piano tutor and teacher of English literature. Nada worked as a coordinator of the Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups (Europe – Mediterranean), she worked on developing the forum’s training programme and building a viable network with many independent theater groups. Nada lives in Canada nowadays.



Margo worked as a coordinator of the Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups (Europe – Mediterranean); with her experience in cultural programming she managed to build our network with many theater groups, also developing the forum’s training programme and I-act administrative plans. Nowadays she lives in the USA.



She worked as a coordinator of the Creative Forum for Independent Theater Groups (Europe – Mediterranean), she managed all the forum’s logistics and visits. She resided now in the UAE.



Graca is a violinist, a professional musician and a graphic illustrator. She worked with the Backstreet Festival and I-act and played a major role in reshaping the brand identity of the festival with her expertise. She is now living in Porto, Portugal.

Team: Meet the Team
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